Suhad Khatib (b. 1979) is a multimedia artist who was born in Oman, raised in Jordan and been living in the US for the past 14 years. Her work has been published and included in exhibitions in Montreal, Connecticut, San Francisco and Amman. She describes her work as “an intentional study on healing and identity.” In 2014 she spoke on behalf of the Palestine Contingent at the Ferguson October 1st mobilization, in 2019 she spoke at Harvard Divinity School alongside Patricia Hall Colins on the role of art in decolonizing Feminism, and most recently she spoke at the Palestine Lives Conference in New York on the importance of art and liberation theology in building movements.

Khatib’s practice extends to design and filmmaking. Notably, she is the designer behind prominent social justice campaigns that have shaped our understanding of recent history like: #Ferguson2Palestine, #ISupportRasmea and #ShowMe15 Campaigns. In film, she was one of the founders of the film industry in Jordan, wrote and directed multiple short films, finished residency programs by Sundance Film Institute, Dubai Film Connection, and Euromed Audiovisual Program. In 2010 she co-wrote the most watched Jordanian comedy series! 

Suhad holds a BA in Graphic design from Applied Science University.


latest news


identity study: solo exhibition in amman, jordan

first in over a decade of living away from the city, it was epic! july, 2019.


an interview with ping pong table talk podcast.

watch full interview here.


tv interviews

invited by host randa karadsheh to talk about my show in amman on jordan’s most popular morning show called: new day (yawm jadeed). july, 9, 2019

interview can be seen here.


newspaper coverage

latest solo show in jordan got so much media attention in multiple languages.

Articles can be found here: Article 1 , Article 2, Article 3


palestine lives conference, new york, ny

invited to speak on liberation theology and art. May, 2019.

part of the panel above can be seen here.


solo show at the palestine museum, ct

show for the past two year’s self portraits followed by a panel on art & liberation. may, 2019.


decolonizing feminism panel, harvard university, ma

“On April 8, the Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights and the Romani Studies Program of the Central European University will organize a panel discussion entitled Decolonizing Feminism. Transnational Solidarity for Gender and Racial Equality, which will center the issue of global solidarities among women of color. Patricia Hill Collins, a celebrated social theorist and the author of “Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment” will participate in a conversation with African American, Dalit, Palestinian, and Romani feminist scholars and activists.” april, 2019

more on the event: here.


solo show at guerrilla cafe, berkeley, ca

1st solo exhibition in California at my favorite cultural spot in Berkeley. february, 2019

photos from the even can be found here.


now on Yislamo!

select artworks now available in uae & jordan through Yislamo. purchase online: here.


published anthropology cover. commissioned by palestinian youth movement. may, 2018


published study cover, commissioned by university of cambridge. april, 2018


showing in montreal for the first time ever!!

Take Care of Your Self was a *safe* space, a healing space, a space for Black, Indigenous, Brown and “othered” folk, to share art and feel independent, empowered and inspired. July, 2017

To read about it in the words of curator Sundus AbdelHadi visit her page here.


designer behind multiple social justice movements in the united states


organizer & speaker on behalf of the palestine contingent at the ferguson october mobilization, october 2014